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Chapter 19

Assignment #1: Great Commercials

Television advertising is glamorous, but it is also a demanding field. It is difficult to create just the right ad with just the right technology and level of creativity. ESPN publishes as regularly-updated list of the 25 best television commercials. Find the Website for ESPN and its report on the 25 best commercials. Review the home page and look through the commercials listed for each decade. Complete the ESPN Activity Sheet.

ESPN 25 Best Commercials

Assignment #2: Advertising PowerPoint

A coworker believes that advertising is a waste of money and suggests that products would be cheaper without it. Using the book, chapter PowerPoint, websites below, or any other resources you can find, develop a PowerPoint presentation (5-6 slides) on the benefits of advertising.

Why Advertise?
Why Advertise At All?

Assignment #3: Cost per Thousand (CPM)

Advertisers need to find out how much money they are spending per person to see how effective each ad is. Calculate the CPM for a $35,000 ad in the following magazines. Use the book as a resource. Multiply the cost of the ad ($35,000) by 1,000 (Audience) and then divide the result by the total circulation of the publication. Create a spreadsheet in Excel with the figures below and calculate the CPM.


Total Circulation


Reader’s Digest








Assignment #4: Crossword Vocabulary

Complete the crossword below. Use the book, powerpoint, and the resources below.

Promotional Advertisement

Institutional Advertisement


Broadcast Media

Assignment #5: Direct Mail (Junk Mail)

Check out the following link to learn how to use direct mail to advertise a business. Use Microsoft Publisher (Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Publisher) to create direct mail postcard. Use the pictures below as direct mail examples.

How to Use Direct Mail to Advertise Business


postcard_marketing_2.jpg postcard-marketing.jpg

Assignment #6: Online Marketing

Look at the "advertising strategies towards teens" link, and the YouTube commercials below. Then open the online advertising strategies Excel document and match the advertising strategy with the commercial.

Marketing to Teens Advertising Strategies

Progressive Insurance





Head On

Foundation for a Better Life




Assignment #7: Magazine Advertising

Look through the magazines in the classroom. By cutting and pasting, create a collage of items advertised to teenage boys on one side of your paper and items advertised to teenage girls on the opposite side.

Assignment #8: New Class Offerings

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

Marketing Chapter 19 Quiz

Chapter 19 Quiz